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Nursing Schools in Tennessee

To all our site visitors, please find below a question from Cheryl regarding her interest to pursue LPN to RN degree in Nashville Tennessee. Her question was posted originally in allnurses.com. If you have any information on your experience for a good school for her, please leave your comment below. We thank you for your help.

Nursing Schools in Nashville TN

We have compiled a list of resources that will help you determine background of different nursing schools in Nashville, TN:

1. TNAOnline: This is a website of the Tennessee Nurses Association – This site has some helpful information for nursing students. For instance the career section will help you determine in advance where the most jobs are for nurses in Tennessee. For instance at the time of writing this article there were 224 jobs in Nashville for nursing jobs. You might want to further analyze the listings and see which nursing area has most opportunity so that you can concentrate your specialization in that area.

2. TASNOnline: The Tennessee Association of Student Nurses is a great web site for people doing research on nursing schools. The website has a list of Board of Directors. The emails are also provided. Writing to one of the directors to get suggestion on different schools would be a great idea. Since these are current students, it will give you a good perspective on what to expect in the different schools.

3. Board of Nursing : The Tennessee Board of nursing also has some useful information for prospective nursing students. One interesting section is the “Complaints and Disciplinary Actions” section. You might want to check out if any members of the school faculty or the school itself is mentioned in this list.

4. Tennessee Association of Student Nurses: Facebook pages related to Nursing students in Tennessee is also a good source of information. This page has only 12 likes so it’s not very extensive. But you can still ask questions about specific schools here.

5. NSNA: The national Student nurses association facebook page.

Once you find your school, you can do some research on the background of the school. This site has some interesting information on different aspects of the school. Find your school now

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Here is a PDF File of nursing schools in Tennessee..


Where do LPNs Work?

Unemployment has grown dramatically in the past few years; according the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employment of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses is expected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations.

In 2010 there were over 750,000 Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses jobs in the US and that number is projected to grow nearly 200,000 by 2020. But where will LPNs work?

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The areas where LPNs work can be divided into six categories. They are primarily Hospitals, Physician’s Office, Home Care, Employment Services,Nursing Care Facilities, and Other. The other category includes government, non-profit and the education sector.

Most of the LPN jobs are related to the nursing care facilities. Such jobs account for about 28% of the total LPN jobs. The next highest employer is the “Other” category. This includes the US Government, non-profit organizations and educational sector. Hospitals with 22% account for the third largest employer sector. The last three are the physician’s office (12%), home care (8%) and employment services (6%).

This trend will lead to increased employment of LPNs and LVNs in hospitals, physicians’ offices, and other healthcare settings. LPNs and LVNs also will be needed in residential care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted-living centers.

Duties of LPNs and LVNs vary, depending on their work setting. For example, they may teach family members how to care for a relative; help to deliver, care for, and feed infants; collect samples for testing and do routine laboratory tests; or feed patients who need help eating.

Regardless of where you work, most LPN jobs are generalist jobs. But you can specialize in various departments. When you decide to start your course to become an LPN, it might be best to first assess what type of work environment you really like. If you are the type who excels in a large environment like the hospital, you might want to get your practical training in a similar setting. But if you are the type to be more comfortable in a smaller setting like the doctors clinic, you have the option to do so.

If you have an interest in becoming an LPN then you will be glad to know the opportunities are plentiful especially if you want to find online LPN programs. Online LPN programs are a new hit in the nursing academe nowadays. This option is popular among students who have previous time commitments to work and/or family and are seeking a more flexible LPN coursework so as not to sacrifice their engagements.

It is important to note, however, that distance learning encompasses only the didactic or theoretical portion of the program. The nursing internship, major examinations, and return demonstrations are to be done in actual setting.

United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Use social media to inform yourself! The Bureau of Labor Statistics can be found on Twitter @BLS_gov

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Online LPN to RN program

Find a school now: use our search form for online LPN programs now.

Find a school now: use our search form for online LPN programs now.

Often when you are an LPN you will want to increase your pay and your chances for advancement. However, this may not be possible unless you increase your education and research the proper online LPN programs which can help you become an RN.

The first thing you need to look for in the programs is how long it will take before you can graduate. When you know this information, it is easy for you to know if you are going to be completed in time for a new position opening up or even for getting a new promotion.

Find your school now

Another thing you should be considering in these online LPN programs is the cost of the program. Often these programs are lower in cost then what you think. Since the cost maybe lower, you might get all of your education at a price you can afford without loans or any type.

Something else you need to consider in these programs is where your clinical rotations will be held. As with any nursing courses you do have to get some hands on type of work. So you should find out if the hands on work with the online programs is close to your home or far away.

While you may not think about the promotions or even better pay many people want to better themselves. Since this is what many people want to do, they need to know about what to find in the online LPN programs to ensure they can graduate to a new education level.

Please use the search form to find online LPN programs.

Online LPN to RN transition programs

Locate your closest school.  Find online LPN programs with our search form.

Locate your closest school. Find online LPN programs with our search form.

Once you have received your credentials as a Licensed Practical Nurse and worked in the field for a while, you may start to feel as if you’d like the challenge of taking the next step. If this describes you, consider a bridge program that will help you turn your license into an RN through enrolling in online LPN programs.

Online accredited LPN programs are often the best, cheapest, most flexible way to attend school and earn college credits today. Because working from home affords busy parents and working professionals the time they need to work at their own pace, it is becoming an increasingly popular option.

For more information head to a site like Excite Education, where you can learn more about these programs while taking a look at top schools that might appeal to you. This site also offers a handy question and answer section with the experts.

Find your school now

An even more helpful site is Online LPN to RN, with its clear introduction to this exciting field as well as its long list of universities that offer good bridge programs. More than that, it has an extensive frequently asked questions section as well, so some of your concerns are sure to be addressed.

Moving on to the next stage in your career isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but if you put your mind to it you can do anything. Please use the search form to find online LPN programs.

Online LPN to RN degrees

Search online LPN programs near you with our search form.

Search online LPN programs near you with our search form.

One of the fastest ways to up your experience and career prospects is to go through a bridge program from your Licensed Practical Nursing degree to your Registered Nursing degree. Nothing makes this easier than online LPN programs.

Because online LPN programs can be enrolled in and taken from the comfort and flexibility of your home or chosen workspace, there is little need to budget extensively like you would for a university, or to worry about changing your schedule around too much. These classes allow you to earn college credit right from your own living room.

Transitioning from the certification of LPN to RN has also never been a better idea, since nursing jobs in the United States and worldwide have been rising steadily in demand and are projected to continue to do so. Want to learn more about how to go from an LPN to an RN?

Find your school now

One of the easiest ways to do this is to check out a site like College Network, which offers not only some great reasons to consider enrolling in the program but also the means of getting more information. Another site you might consider is Online LPN to RN, a site specifically dedicated to getting on the fast track from one degree to another.

There has never been a better time to take this step in your career, so what are you waiting for? Please use the search form to find online LPN programs.