Nursing Science

Nursing science is a board concept. Nursing is a direct care given by the nurses
to the sick and wounded individuals to heal them. So nursing science is the systematic implication of nursing skills to influence healing and recovery from any ill state of people’s health. However, nursing science  can’t be limited to single definition. It needs to be prescribed and updated as per the changing context of health care industry globally.

Various theorist and expert have comprised different definition for Nursing science, here  is some;

Nursing Science is a domain of knowledge concerned with the adaptation of individuals and groups to actual or potential health problems, the environments that influence health in humans, and the therapeutic interventions that promote health and affect the consequences of illness” (Kim, 1994, p. 145)

“Nursing science represents clusters of precisely selected beliefs and values that are crafted into distinct theoretical structures” (Mitchell-1997)

“The essence of nursing as a scholarly discipline, without it there would be no nursing, only care”(Cody-1997)

“Nursing science, a basic science, is the substantive discipline-specific knowledge that focuses on the human-universe-health process articulated in the nursing frameworks and theories. The discipline-specific knowledge resides within schools of thought that reflect differing philosophical perspectives that give rise to ontological, epistemological, and methodological processes for the development and use of knowledge concerning nursing’s unique phenomenon of concern” (American Academy of Nursing’s Expert Panel 2000)

Nursing Science is often mistaken generally as the study of nursing. However, it  is actually the continuous improvement of nursing profession via suggested theories and research.

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